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Black Leather iPhone 4 Case With Belt Clip (With Bumper)

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This is for 2 items together, a Frosted iPhone4 bumper with a Pouch that fits your iPhone4 with this bumper attached.

Finally, a way to carry your iPhone4 on your belt for quick and easy access WITH the bumper on the phone!

This case is known as our "quick-holster" model because of its fast and easy ability to be removed from the pouch with one hand.

While this case will still work with the iPhone4 without a bumper if needed, it is specifically moulded, shaped and framed to comfortable accommodate your iPhone4 while the bumper is on the phone.

This case is made from a Leatherette which the best material to keep a very clean look with smooth edges, this case has a classy business look to it.

One of the first things people notice is the belt clip.  It is one of the strongest swivel and lock styles available while still managing to be one of the thinnest in its class.  Usually with swivel clips you either get very thin clips with a low strength swivel & lock mechanism or a thick bulky clip with a strong swivel & lock.  

Our clip is a very unique one in that it is well balanced being both very slim (keeping the pouch close to your body) and strong (allowing you to wear in a horizontal or vertical position without it moving around).

The inside of the case is designed with a material which has a slight gloss to it, specifically to allow you to insert and remove a bumpered phone with ease.

This swivel clip is our own design and we've even begun licencing it and producing it for some other famous case brands.  You'll begin to see this style of swivel clip more and more, you can be one of the first to have it!

The sides of these cases are secured by a high quality elastic material.  This allows the case to keep a snug grip on your device when holstered while still allowing you to holster/de-holster device easily.

A magnetic closure flap keeps the phone in place and has a very clean and classy look

This is one of our hottest selling cases right now, we ship from Canada but in instances of low stock sometimes we will send to you direct from overseas (the approximate delivery time remains the same).

The frosted bumper included in this package is the only kind that preserves the design and style of your iPhone4.  It is carefully crafted to insure you still have easy access to all of the ports and buttons.  Unlike  some other bumpers on the market, the volume buttons are not cutouts.  Cutouts essentially make a pit where you have to try and squeeze your finger in to press the buttons.  Our bumper has raised buttons that easily transfer your button push onto the phone buttons.

If you already have your own bumper and only want to buy the pouch, please follow this link: 


Was $39.95 US
Now $29.95 US

Was $39.95 US
Now $29.95 US

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