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Black Lambskin Leather Nokia N97 Pouch

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Unique Carrying & Protection Solution for Your N97

First to market! Look no further for a Nokia N97 case! This case design has been so popular that it’s what started Gizmoskin.com. I can guarantee you that you’ve never seen a case like this. The leather used on this product is great! You can smell the quality when you take it out of its package. We love this case, everywhere our staff goes people will ask where they can get it. You already stand out with your N97 device; now stand out from other N97 users! It’s easy to draw your device out of this holster and the magnetic flip almost automatically shuts when you are not using it.

Was $49.95 US
Now $24.95 US

This case features:

• High quality soft & supple lambskin leather
• Unique design (not seen anywhere else)
• Magnetic flip-over strap
• Swivel belt clip (locks in place at any angle)
• Perfectly made and custom fit for the Nokia N97 


Q: Will the magnet flip impact the phones screen or reception?
A: If you’ve ever left your N97 on a pile of change you will notice that it will pick up all of your silver change, the N97 already has a big magnet built into the loud speaker and it has no negative effect on your device

Q: Is the clip removable?
A: The clip is not removable but it only adds a bit more than 1cm onto the depth of this case, some of us at Gizmoskin carry our device around in our pockets with this case, the clip is a nice additional option if you are not planning on regularly using it

Q: How snug of a fit is this case and will it bounce around inside or will the screen be scratched?
A: This case truly is the perfect fit, when your N97 is in this case and the magnetic flip is closed it will not move around but it is still a loose enough fit that you can easily slide it out with one hand to answer a call. The inside is made of a soft felt-like material and will not scratch your device!

Q: That doesn’t look like a swivel clip?!?
A: This is another great feature of this case, instead of having a huge visible ratchet system like old plastic holsters this has the ratchet system build in under the leather in a cavity!

Was $49.95 US
Now $24.95 US

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